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Creator of spectacular human endurance world records, godfather of Isshinryu Karate in India, pioneer of modern Archery in Tamil Nadu, India's only disciple of TaeKwonDo's founder Gen Choi Hong Hi, a professional sculptor and painter, a sensational orator, a masters in social work engaged in epic projects, a zoologist and new age philosopher, Hussaini is truly a phenomenal living legend.

The world and the media at large was stunned when on 23rd Feb 2015, a man called 'HU' performed a macabre feat and became the only Indian, the only Muslim and the only human to ever crucify 'himself' by nailing his hands and legs to a wooden cross and stayed on the crucifix for an excruciating 6 minutes 7 seconds in 'meditative prayer'. There was collective disbelief, a huge public outcry and hailstorms of criticism from every quarter. A disturbed leader of the ruling party and 'HU's mentor, Dr Jayalalithaa wrote to him to desist from such painful 'Yagnas!' even if it was for her returning as chief minister. She did return as the CM of Tamil Nadu demolishing every prediction and every odd, reigniting interest on who 'HU' really is.

HU defines himself as a Mind coach. He dares you to set any target for yourself and challenges he will take you there. He was recruited as the mind coach for the Korean Archery team at the Rio Olympics and is credited for making them win all the gold medals in every category.

A Daredevil living legend with 12 human endurance world records to his credit which includes some stunning, death defying attempts that no man has ever tried to break till date like 'being in an inferno with 140 litres of petrol poured on him and being set ablaze', being bitten by 4 poisonous cobras, smashing tons of ice with his forehead and many more is a symbolic embodiment of 'the ultimate in creative genius' of meaningful accomplishments that would trigger inspiration in formative minds for centuries to come.

Syed Ali Murtuza Hussaini, popularly known as Shihan Hussaini but who insists being called just 'HU' is the new 'human ultimate'-a modern messiah of creativity.

'HU' in spite of decades of concerted efforts to discredit him by zillions of his rivals and opponents, dazzles with his spectacular achievements in 32 different fields & stands out as the epitome of knowledge exploration and a living tribute to the gigantic powers of the human mind. The greatest of legends, famed artist 'Leonardo da Vinci' who was described as a man of unquenchable curiosity and feverish inventive imagination in 13 different fields pales into less significance in factual comparison with the 'new master of explosive talent' Hussaini - 'HU' as India and the world is reluctantly waking up to this astounding reality.

A reluctant yogi with a recorded blood line of the holy Prophet Mohammed, an expert and pioneering martial artist with trail blazing credentials rightly known as the Godfather of Isshinryu Karate in India with over 300,000 students and 2300 black belt instructors; 554 Karate schools in 7 countries & 69 international Karate champions personally sculpted; HU is the most popular, well known and respected karate expert in Tamil Nadu, as well as a leading Kobudo (weapons) expert with in-depth knowledge in many traditional Indian and Okinawan classical weapons and Iaido - the way of the samurai sword.

Trained personally by some of the legendary names in Karate and Taek-won do, HU is the only Indian who received an advanced 5th degree black belt both in Taekwondo and Karate at the same time two decades ago by the founder of Taekwondo Gen Choi Hong Hi and the chief of World Isshinryu Soke Kichiro Shimabuku in Okinawa, Japan.

Trained in the usage of modern weaponry and delivery systems, he created South India's most sought after security and body guards agency 'high profile' which till date is a role model for many corporates and new security outfits.

A highly respected academic student with masters degrees in three different disciplines - Social work, Sculpture and Painting, 'HU' is a graduate in Zoology from the American college where he won the highest number of prizes and awards ever by a student till date in every academic and extra-curricular activity in the 150 odd years of the institution.

Godfather of modern Archery in the state of Tamil Nadu and singularly responsible for the resurgence of this art in all the 32 districts of the state; a level 3 coach & the only Archery expert in the world with 6 World Archery certifications, founder and general secretary of The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu - TAAT, 'HU' has trained over 7000 archers in the state & his disciples have won 4 world cups in Indoor Archery and are fiercely on track to a medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sports experts were taken aback when 'HU' challenged all Archery Olympians in India for a friendly match with a band of junior Archers led by him at the 33rd Senior Archery Nationals and defeated them by a huge margin!

A sensational contemporary sculptor of modern times (who holds a masters degree from Govt college of fine arts, Chennai) with themes and subjects that stun, baffle and lend credence to a Para-psychic in him with every new work creating national news; 'HU's recent works include the monumental composition of the 'People's President Dr Abdul Kalam which won him global appreciation and the highly controversial 'Tamil Resurgence' sculpture which landed a top politician in jail. His 'frozen blood portrait' of Dr Jayalalithaa using 11.3 litres of his own blood created a furor by activists for wasting so much 'life saving' blood for a sculpture.

A versatile fine artist and a talented portraitist with over 7000 recorded and preserved path breaking works with many provocatively innovative masterpieces, 'HU' is known to have pioneered and created a sensational new medium to paint - 'Human blood'. He is known to have painted the largest number of portrait paintings in the world ever of his political leader Dr Jayalalithaa with his own blood. 'HU' is a rapid and prolific painter and works every day with an energy and creative speed very few artists can parallel and is a genius with every medium and subject he handles.

'HU' is an electrifying orator who can spell bind his audiences for hours and motivate them for a life time; He is one of the top motivators in his part of the world and can speak on any topic for hours at length and hold his audiences transfixed.

An extremely popular and entertaining television host known for his idiosyncratic rapid fire deliveries 'HU' is very popular among housewives for his 'comic cookery show!' which is a mega hit with global audiences.

A film actor from the K Balachandar school who has acted with most of the top stars in the Tamil film industry, a professional social worker with a heart of gold whose every thought word and act has had a social message, 'HU' is a counselor and guide to thousands of youth who flock to him for advise.

A prolific song writer/singer with a divine voice and guitarist with an extremely powerful stage presence with over 600 live shows performed; 'HU' developed his own style of contemporary dancing after passionately involving in educative and inspirational interactions with Master Madurai Jayaram, Master Raguram, Ms Vijanthimala Bali amongst others with dance as a supreme language of his soul's expression.

A speed portraitist popular at London roads and Paris hot spots, natural poet titled as 'PALKALAI VENDHAR' by lyricist VAIRAMUTHU, disaster Photographer whose monumental work at the Bhuj earthquake has no comparisons, articulate philosopher who has ardent disciples globally, an astonishing Para psychic with stunning & accurate predictions that has shocked his followers and a writer who weaves pure magic thru his original verbosity;

'HU' is an inspiration par excellence with a love for drama. His engagement with the world around is a never ending tale of innovative surprises and path breaking creative marvels!

A man who wears several CROWNS, one completely indistinguishable from the other, 'HU' is a pathbreaking creator and his bio graph worth following closely as it promises to be an interesting true novel of revolutionary influence to the homo sapiens towards their ultimate evolution.

He stuns every person in any audience he addresses.

- by A. Dhanasekara Pandian.

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